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Not Just a Name

Newton is a team of experienced professionals who provide game-changing solutions to the small, medium and Fortune 500 companies across the globe 

Our Services

Market Research

Customer & Competitor Intelligence

Supplier Selection Assessment

Management Consulting

Market Research:

Newton specializes in offering comprehensive market insights to our clients in the form of market sizing & forecasting to help them grow in existing space and understand true market potential. We estimate the market size by analyzing certain factors from the supply and demand side of the market. Our actionable insights help them to stay informed about current market trends and developments. Our data points undergo rigorous quality checks and validated by our in-house team of consultants and industry experts through primary research. Our standard market research studies include both qualitative and quantitative insights i.e. regional and global market sizing, forecasting, supply-demand assessment, parent market outlook, forecast factors, value chain analysis, profitability margin analysis, key market trends, drivers, challenges, market share analysis, competition bench marking, company profiles, market structure analysis, and hundreds of other data points.

Customer & Competitor Intelligence:

Newton is a leading competitor intelligence services provider to the packaging companies located across the globe. Our customer & competitive intelligence services help our clients to understand and get insights on their competitors and customer groups. Our competitive intelligence services include competitor analysis, company profiling, competitive bench marking, profitability margin analysis, company SWOT analysis, key strategies, and pricing analysis.


Supplier Selection Assessment:

Facing a challenge in selecting a supplier for any product or machine procurement? No worries, Newton is here to help. We offer supplier selection studies to help our clients to select a best-in-class supplier according to their requirements and budget. Our supplier selection study includes suppliers tier structure, comparative product cost & quality analysis, regional presence and after-sales services analysis, product specifications mapping, SWOT analysis, supplier company profiles, and our recommendations.


Management Consulting:

Newton can offer you management consulting services that are customized for your operation. We believe that every business challenge is unique and needs special attention. Our consulting services help our clients to overcome business challenges, identify growth opportunities, understand market potential, frame strategic planning, and benchmark operations.



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